Indie Lipstick

These niche lipstick brands are shaking up the beauty world for the better.

There are many up-and-coming indie brands that pair vibrant lip colors with a socially conscious mission. What better way to broaden your beauty horizons than by supporting things that matter at the same time?

Here are 5 interesting options if you’re looking for lipsticks that give back.

1. Unapology Lipstick, $23

Founded by two lady badasses from Google, they’ve dedicated this new line of lipstick to women’s empowerment — 10 percent of their profits go to a nonprofit that gives out small-business grants for women-led ventures. Score!

The lipstick itself has been described as having a semi-matte finish and comes in six shades. One reviewer on the site says it has a “soft and light sensation,” which makes sense as it has an emphasis on moisturizing ingredients.

Plus, they’ve got all the fix-ins for your eco-conscious needs: they’re paraben, fragrance, and cruelty free.

2. The Lipstick Lobby, $19

If you lean (very far) left of center when it comes to politics, this lipstick packs the punch you may want to give the government right now. A portion of your purchase goes to support reproductive rights, health care, criminal justice reform, or gun control — depending on the shade you choose.

According to Influenster, they use a creamy formula that’s great for chapped, drier lips. One reviewer was also impressed by its long wear, which can be tough for softer lipsticks.

The Lipstick Lobby also sells other fun merch that are definitely protest-worthy in their messages — like a t-shirt that says “Lipstick It To The Man.” Puns + progressivism? Yes, please.

3. Color The World Hand-Poured Lipstick, $15-$20

Socially conscious and in need of a wide variety of shades? There are over 30 shades to choose from, and each is pared to a particular organization. From finding a cure for Alzheimer’s to protecting our coral reefs, there are a wide variety of causes represented by this super-inclusive brand.

According to the Hope Trope blog, they are “ideal for someone who enjoys a moisturizing lipstick formula or someone interested in trying a bolder lip that doesn’t want anything too shocking.” It seems to be best for wearers that aren’t too concerned with a color that lasts as much a lipstick that has “build-ability” potential.

Another neat aspect of this lipstick is that they’re hand-poured to order, meaning every tube is made fresh just for you.

4. Beautiful Rights Lipstick & Gloss, $18

If women’s rights are your jam, this brand is all about it. Proceeds from sales go to a variety of organizations that fight for the legal, political, and physical health of women in America.

These lipsticks cater to lips that need moisturizing, as they’re infused with natural oils (like jojoba, grape-seed, and coconut). It’s a small line with only four colors and a gloss — but with more support, that could change!

5. Muskaan Hydra-Matte Lipstick, Coming Soon!

This brand impressed our team when we met them at this year’s FounderMade event in NYC. It both looks great and lets you choose which charity you’d like to support – including one that helps people displaced by the Syrian War.

We found the quality to be velvety and very matte — good for those who prefer a firmer (rather than creamier) lipstick. But fear not! It definitely has a moisturizing feel to it that’s thick and satisfying, like a high-quality lotion. My favorite shade is called “Burkini Beach Day,” which is great if you’re looking for a rosy pink shade that goes well with olive undertones.

Bonus: it’s also halal certified. That means those who choose to keep halal as a part of their lifestyle can rest assured it’s up to their specific needs.